Which is The Right Color for Your Exterior Paint?

The exterior is the most visible and biggest part of your house. Because of that, you need to be sure about what color you’ll decide to achieve. Unlike with a front door or a living room wall, changing the exterior’s paint color won’t be as easy when you decide that you don’t like it.  

However, narrowing down the paint color options you want isn’t easy to do as well. Are you a yellow person? A red person? How can you be sure about this? If in doubt, check out some of the helpful color palette selection tips for your exterior that can guide you in determining which color will work well for your house.  

If you want to narrow down your color options, you can start by getting inspiration from the architecture of your home, some exterior color palette, your personality, and your surroundings. 


Similar to the white exterior color, an all-black exterior can also be attractive to see. Regardless, black colors still have edgier look compared to the former. If you want to achieve a more timeless look, have your trim painted white or go on a full-black scheme to stand out among other homes within your neighborhood. 


White is a classic color for home exteriors because it can fit just almost every home style. Moreover, this color option can be a dramatic one as well, particularly when you’re living in a lushly landscaped place where a white and bright house will stand out.  


The extensive range of gray hues can make it an ideal fit in all styles of home exteriors. Gray is a basic neutral color that you can cool down or warm up to work with just nearly any accent color. Play with bold greens and oranges to achieve a midcentury modern house or stick to the usual black accents and white trim for a more traditional look for your home.  


Brown properties do not need to be boring and dull. Reddish cedar hues, stone-inspired beiges, and rich chocolatey shades can help a home ground to its environment.  


Having a yellow exterior does not always mean that it needs to appear sunny and light, which you can still do if you want to. While other yellow exteriors appear as if they came out of fairy tales, some can feel amazingly sophisticated. Brighter yellows can work well on a front door, while neutral undertone yellow surprisingly looks great with most trim colors. 


Though other people believe that particular red shades are only best if applied for classic barns, this bright hue can incorporate a classic color punch to any properties. Minimal hints of red might work well for other styles. However, when you like this color, you can feel free to go all out and do what your heart tells you. 

While these as only some of the many exterior color options you can choose from, hopefully, this article gave you an idea and helped which ones to pick that suit your personality and style. Contact our painter experts and ask for estimated cost to paint a house exterior. 

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